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-Plantation shutters are a classy, alternative choice for windows and doors, with significant benefits over curtains and blinds. Reinforced plantation shutters gives you a very strong, rigid, durable shutter that is easy to maintain and guaranteed not bow, warp, peel, crack, or need repainting.

Practical, ethical and beautifully stylish, internal vinyl and wooden shutters are an inspired choice for your windows. There’s no better way to keep your rooms cool in summer, warm in winter or to bring a lovely new light to your home.

More than just a window covering, shutters add a personal touch to your home, also working well for wardrobes, patio doors and room dividers, helping you make the most of both space and light.

How To Install Shutters?

-One of the most asked questions from our clients is about installing shutters, so we decided to explain it in a simple way.

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